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Dell Precision T3500 Workstation Desktop PC

Like New
30 Day Limited Warranty
In-Store Pickup or Scheduled Local Delivery
Extremely powerful, very good condition (8.5/10), fully functional and thoroughly tested to ensure there will be no issues. Warranty included.

- Intel Xeon W3520 Processor (4 Cores, 8 Threads, 2.93GHz, 8MBs of Cache)
- Dedicated GPU with 2x DVI and 1x Mini HDMI (GPU and ports may vary, if you are needing specific ports let us know)
- 16GBs of RAM/Memory (We can add additional RAM/Memory
- Storage Drive(s): Can be configured to meet your needs. Default capacity and type: 500GB Western Digital HDD
- Gigabit Ethernet port
- 9x USB ports
- Disk Drive (DVD/CD)
- Headphone and Microphone ports in the front and back
- SD Card reader and Multi card reader
- Windows 10 Pro (New/Fresh Install)
- Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus (Full Version, NOT A TRIAL)