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NOTICE: Windows 11 launches October 5; however, we will be selling our systems with Windows 10 until further notice. If you purchase a system from us, it may be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11. Please ask for details, as upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 may break your system.
NOTICE: We are still open and processing sales requests during the
epidemic. All items are being thoroughly sanitized with alcohol prior to customer handling to ensure all contaminants are eradicated, as part of our normal cleaning procedure.
NOTICE: We are operating locally by appointment only, until further notice. If you stop by without an appointment, there may not be anybody available to serve you!

Who We Are

We are a local hardware retailer that specializes in the repair, refurbishing and recycling of computers and electronics of all types. We are a growing business, based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We also operate in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

We stand behind our products. Our products come standard with a 30 day warranty. The only exceptions to this warranty can be found on our Warranty & Returns page.

We recommend...

Computer & Electronics Repair

We offer repair services for most electronic devices, including televisions, receivers, computers, power devices, and more (phones, tablets, and biomedical equipment excluded)! Free diagnosis! Our prices can't be beat! Find our prices below.

For a free repair quote, please call or email us. We will help you diagnose the issue(s) you are having with your device(s) and determine how much it will cost to repair. Device(s) may need to be diagnosed in person.

Some devices are non-repairable. Cracked displays are excellent examples of such devices. Cracks in a glass display are not possible to fix. The display can be replaced, but on devices larger than 22" diagonal, it is more cost effective to replace the entire device.

Secure Electronic Recycling

We provide commercial and residential electronic recycling services, free of charge. Instead of throwing your electronics away and cluttering up landfills with non-economically friendly wastes, recycle them! Recycled electronics get broken down into their core elements and are eventually used to create something new! By recycling electronics instead of throwing them away, you're actively saving the planet from a dark future.

DoD 5220.22-M Compliant data destruction methods. CoD available via digital delivery. More details can be found here. Equipment decomission services available. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule a repair, pick-up or drop-off, please feel free to contact us.

Electronics Repair

QUOTEGeneral Electronics
$50/hrReceivers, Amps, Power Electronics, LCD TVs
$60/hrLED TVs
$75/hrPlasma TVs

Computer Repair

QUOTEVirus, Malware Removal
$50Windows/macOS Reinstallation, Recovery
$100Windows Login Password Removal
$200BIOS Password Removal
$150Corrupt/Invalid Flashed BIOS Recovery
QUOTEData Recovery, Other Repairs

On-site Services

FREEEquipment Decomission, Recycling, Pickup
QUOTEOn-site general repair (Request Info)
$20/25 milesDelivery